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        Company Profile

        Founded in 2001, CABR Tech integrated the resources of Institute of Building Structure, Institute of Building Engineering Software,Institute of Earthquake Engineering, Institute of Building Materials and an excellent staff team including design masters and well-known experts, the company has obtained thousands of research and development achievements in the past ten years and hundreds of technical patents, market penetration rate accounts for the majority of PKPM software products, provided design, consultation, testing and assessment, specialty engineering construction to hundreds of important and complicated projects, developed and amended over 250 national and industrial standards and codes. Thus, CABR Tech has established its leading position in China in such fields as engineering structures and earthquake resistance, software and informatization and new building materials.

        CABR Tech is mainly involved in the R&D and application of new technologies and products of the building industry, including design software of building structures, software of green building and energy efficiency, software of general budget and construction technology, management and informatization of building enterprises, comprehensive design of building engineering, specialty design of engineering structures, engineering consultation and experiment, engineering testing and appraisal, prestressed construction, , steel structure and cable structure engineering, reinforcement and retrofitting of existing buildings, deviation rectification and translation, water proof engineering,reinforcement materials and products, high-performance concrete and admixtures, water proof and protection products, technologies andproducts of thermal insulation of wall, testing equipments of building materials, products of vibration isolation and damping, equipments and products of prestressed technology, rebar splicing and anchoring products, and so on.

        In addition to several standards and codes of building industry in China, CABR Tech is also the supporting unit for Secretariat of Technical Committee of Building Structure Standardization of MOHURD and provides assistance to MOHURD on the management of industrial standardization. The company is in charge of the technical unified management of national and industrial standards of engineering construction and product standards of building structures, providing strong technical support for the standardization of building structures in China. The attached 32 academic organizations actively carry out technical activities for discussions and exchanges to promote the advancement of the building industry.

        As the important component of “National Key Lab of Building Safety and Environment”, CABR Tech has established four lab systems including the labs of shaking table, wind tunnel, new building materials, large structures, and green buildings, which are complete in range and facilities and can accomplish all testing tasks of scientific research and consultation.

        At present, the company has a total registered staff of over 1,200, among whom there are two national engineering design masters, three national candidate of “The New Century Hundred, Thousand, and Ten-Thousands Talents Project,” 23 experts who enjoy special subsidy from the State Council, 41 doctoral and master's supervisors, 85 researchers (professors), 61 staff members with doctoral or postdoctoral degrees.

        CABR Tech expects a bright future with intelligent personnel, advanced R&D achievements, products of outstanding performance, rich experience in engineering construction, consultation and technical services, and substantial scientific and research achievements. With the tenet of “Excellency, Innovation, Integrity and Harmony,” CABR Tech aims to provide outstanding products and services for the building industry with high-tech professional services, excellent quality, innovative technologies and products. The company will keep cooperated with all clients and build up friendly relationships of mutual trust, mutual benefit and harmonious development.

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